What is 5G and what will it bring to Camberley?

What is 5G? 

5G is the next-generation mobile and wireless connectivity system.  The BBC has published this article giving the background to 5G.

How is it different from 4G? 

5G is the next step. It offers greatly improved speed, more reliable connections, and it’s been designed with a larger number of connected devices in mind. 

Why do we need 5G? 

4G was never designed to handle the amount of data or number of connections that it currently does. For example; 4G can support about 4,000 devices per square kilometre, whereas 5G will support around one million. 

How fast is 5G? 

4G has a real-world download speed of up to 60Mbp. 5G will achieve 1Gbps (gigabit per second = 1,000Mbps). 

Is 5G just about phones? 

No, whilst 5G will deliver dramatic improvements to mobile connectivity, it also provides the infrastructure for driverless cars, remote surgeries, improved wi-fi, virtual reality and augmented reality. 

Why 5G retail? 

Camberley is in a fairly unique position to deliver a 5G retail test-bed as the Council owns The Square Shopping centre. We are keen to lead on how retail changes with technology and changing shopping habits. 

Why are you working with Huawei? 

Huawei are the world leaders in 5G with no close competitor. They share similar values and goals for the project and have extensive knowledge and resources to help deliver it. 

Should I be concerned about the security around Huawei? 

No, the Prime minister, Boris Johnson, has granted Huawei permission to work on UK 5G infrastructure following advice from the UK National Security Council. 

Where can I learn more about Huawei? 

Please see https://www.huawei.com/en/facts 

Which partners are involved in the project?

Huawei  University of Surrey 
Alibaba  Deloitte LLP 
Arcom IT  Natta 
The Knowledge Transfer Partnership  Story Futures 
Stuart Fenton Consultancy  Montagu Evans 
Surrey Heath Borough Council   


How can I get involved in the project? 

Please contact us – 5G@surreyheath.gov.uk

How can I open a shop in readiness for the test-bed? 

Please contact us – 5G@surreyheath.gov.uk

Will there be a physical space for me to work on the test-bed? 

Yes, as part of the project, we will deliver new flexible working and incubation space with IoT and direct 5G core access to the University of Surrey. 

Which IoT networks will be available? 

The project plans to support SigFoxLoraWAN and NB-IoT but we anticipate support for more networks in time. 

Will the project be open data? 

Yes, all parties working on the test-bed will be committed to an open data methodology. 

Are there any health implications of 5G? 

No, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation advise of no known health issues arising from 5G. 

Public Heath England’s information on the safety of 5G

BBC article about the safety of 5G.

Why is the Council leading on this, shouldn’t the networks deliver it? 

The Council recognises the opportunity to work with partners to design and deliver an infrastructure that benefits the town in the future. 

I can’t get a good mobile signal in my area now, why would I want 5G? 

5G is about much more than just mobile connectivity, it provides the infrastructure for all connected devices. Through these test-bed learnings we will help to strengthen how infrastructure is rolled out across the region.