Camberley High Street, Princess Way and Knoll Walk improvement works update – July 2020

The High Street, Princess Way and Knoll Walk have received £3.5million of grant funding from Enterprise M3 LEP which has been increased with £900k of funding from Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC) to improve the roads and pavements in these historic areas.

The works started on Monday 6 January 2020.

Dyer and Butler are the construction engineers who are undertaking the works. If you have specific questions regarding the project you can email these to

We have also prepared a list of commonly asked questions and answers.

In accordance with the latest Government Guidelines and the latest advice from the CLC (Construction Leadership Council) construction projects can still continue.  The workforce numbers have been reduced on this project to facilitate social distancing and Dyer and Butler are regularly reminding their employees of this.

What is happening now?

The works are taking place in five phases with four phases now under construction. These areas include the Central/Footway sections of High Street North, Knoll Walk and both the Pedestrian and Carriageway sections of Princess Way.

Phase 1 Central part of the High Street

The asphalt road surface has been put down.

Granite kerbs are in place.

Granite paving on the pavements and granite kerbs for the parking bays is now being laid.

Phase 2 Princess Way Pedestrian Section

Granite paving is now being laid on the pavements and walkways.  This work is at an advanced stage.

Planter and step installation has commenced

Please be aware that pedestrians can still access The Square shopping centre via the entrance at Princess Way.  This entrance is accessed by a footway which is partitioned off surrounding the active works.

Phase 3 Princess Way Carriageway

The granite kerbs and new fibre reinforced concrete are now in place.

Princess Way carriageway will be closed for three weeks to service and delivery vehicles from 3 August 2020.  This is to allow the Granite setts that sit on top of the reinforced concrete to be laid.

Phase 5 Knoll Walk

Site clearance is nearly complete.

Knoll Walk remains closed to the public whilst works are ongoing – this area is also being used to store materials.  Alternative walk-throughs from Knoll Road to the High Street are Bissingen Way, Portesbery Road and St George’s Road.

What will happen next?

Once the Princess Way Pedestrian and the Central High Street phases have completed the project will then move to the southern half of the High Street.

The tree planters will arrive on site later this summer.  Trees will be planted in the scheme along the High Street towards the end of the project.

What improvements will the project bring to Camberley?

These works will bring greatly improved road and pavement surfaces to these areas. New trees, plants, lighting and street furniture will also be installed creating a modern, attractive space.

  • Pavements will be constructed from high quality materials and will match the surrounding architecture
  • New improved road surfaces
  • New street lighting
  • New modern street furniture
  • Trees will be planted along the High Street, Princess Way and Knoll Walk as well as evergreens, grasses and bulbs
  • Public art installation celebrating Camberley’s heritage

Camberley Be Safe

Many of Camberley’s shops reopened on 15 June 2020, which has meant the town is now much busier.

To ensure you stay safe in Camberley please observe and follow the social distancing guidelines that are in place in Main Square car park, The Square shopping centre, High Street, Park Street and The Atrium.

When shopping please;

  • Keep to the left as you walk around town
  • Observe social distancing from other shoppers where possible
  • Wear a face covering if you can in the shops, car park stairwells and lifts
  • Observe and follow the social distancing floor stickers and markers throughout the centres and shops
  • Use hand sanitiser when available
  • Spend only the required shopping time in town
  • Keep your shopping group small. Can your children stay at home with your partner? Can you pop into town on your own?
  • Support Camberley’s restaurants and give yourself a break from cooking by picking up a takeaway or having food delivered.

Why is the top part of the High Street not included in this project?

The top of the High Street from the Obelisk Way junction to London Road will be improved in the future as part of the London Road development.  Kier have been selected as the developer for this project and are currently working on their designs and timescales for the site.