The High Street, Princess Way and Knoll Walk improvement works are due to start on Monday 6 January 2020.   

This project will take just over a year to complete and will bring huge improvements to these areas with new road and pavement surfaces, street furniture, trees and lighting.   

We have prepared some Q&As for the project.  If you have a question not covered by the list below please send to and the contractor will answer these for you.   

Q. What part of Camberley town centre is affected by the works? 

A. The improvement works will be taking place in Princess Way, Knoll Walk and the High Street from the junction at Pembroke Broadway/Portesbery Road to Obelisk Way.   

Q. Will the businesses situated in these areas still be open during the works? 

A. Yes, all businesses will be open as normal during the project.  The High Street and Princess Way will be fully accessible for pedestrians. 

Q. Will I be able to walk through Knoll Walk during the works? 

A. No, Knoll Walk will be shut for the duration of the project as it will be used by Dyer and Butler to store materials and tools. 

Q. I usually walk through Knoll Walk to reach the High Street.  What alternative route is there when Knoll Walk is closed? 

A. You will still be able to access the High Street from Portesbery Road, Bissingen Way and St George’s Road. 

Q. How will I access the High Street and Princess Way whilst the works are underway?

A. All these areas will be fully accessible by foot, wheelchairs and mobility scooters and all the businesses will be open as usual.

Q. When do the works start and complete?

A. The works start on Monday 6 January 2020 and are due to complete in January 2021 

Q. What do the works involve?

A. The works are extensive improvements that are replacing the road and pavement surfaces, street lighting, street furniture and plants. Find out more here.   

Q. Can I still access the High Street by car during the works?

A. No, the High Street will be closed to all vehicles except residents, emergency and service vehicles during the works.  Once the project completes the High Street will be open to cars once again.

Q.  Why is the project taking a year to complete?

The works are not just to the High Street but also to Princess Way and Knoll Walk. The entire carriageway is in effect being rebuilt and this is a significant construction project.  The dates we are giving reflect the overall timescales for the project including allowance for delays. The project is phased and roads and walkways will re-open at different times within the project. The timescales that we have announced also recognise that we are reliant on statutory services such as Open Reach and Virgin Media moving their services in a timely manner and the risk to timing that their input represents.

In addition, the contractors are restricted in the hours that they can operate as the work is noisy and in the open air, we have to be mindful of that impact on residents in the area.

Q. Who is carrying out the construction works?

A. Dyer and Butler are the Civil Engineering Company who will be carrying out these works. 

Q. Why is the top part of the High Street, from Obelisk Way to London Road not part of this project?

A. This part of the High Street is proposed to be improved as part of Kier’s London Road development. 

Q. Can I ride my bicycle through the High Street during the project? 

A. Unfortunately, not.  The road will only be accessible for pedestrians or service and emergency vehicles. 

Q. How will I get into a shop if the pavement outside is dug up?

A. The contractor will only dig up the pavement outside shop doorways while shops are shut.

Q. How will the shops, pubs etc get their deliveries? 

A. Dyer and Butler are working closely with all the affected businesses to ensure they still receive their deliveries throughout the construction 

Q. I am a Blue Badge holder on my car, where can I park when the project is taking place? 

A.  Unfortunately due to the nature and extent of the High Street upgrade works, the blue badge parking bays on the High Street between Portesbury Road and Obelisk Way will be temporarily suspended. The blue badge parking bays in St George Road and those adjacent to the British Heart Foundation will remain accessible and there is blue badge parking bays available in the local multi-storey car parks. The Knoll Road car park is offering 1 hour free parking during the High Street upgrade. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but ask for your patience as we improve your High Street. Please rest assured that the Blue Badge parking bays will be reinstated in the new High Street layout.

Q.  Where are the delivery drop-off points?

A.  Access to and from Service Area 6 for Sainsburys, TK Maxx, Poundland, Pets at Home, Wilko and Deichmann will be handled by Dyer & Butler during working hours.  Smaller regular deliveries can also be accommodated if we go the 24/7 gateman route. Unfortunately one-off deliveries cannot be accommodated will advised to park legally before making the delivery on foot. Pedestrian walkways are being maintained during the High Street Upgrade Works.

Q.  Who will control access to the site?

This will be coordinated by Dyer & Butler, in the first instance please direct any enquiry to make contact with them through their email address where they can help further.